Retiremenet is when a player or staff member chooses to end their career in football.


When a player retires in Championship Manager they are removed from the game. When this happens, there are two possible results.


Main article: Regen

Whenever a player retires, a regen is always created. A regen is a youth player with the same potential ability as the original player, have the same date of birth, height and weight, have the same nationality and play in the country of that nationality. Initially, they have much lower attributes than the original player, these can be improved with match practice and good training.

Becoming Coaching StaffEdit

A player may choose to take a job as coaching staff. Their ability as a member of staff is random, though their personality and reputation will stay the same. They will keep their personal details.

Staff RetirementEdit

When a member of staff retires, they simply are removed from the game. Regens will not be created and they do not take up another role, they are simply removed.