A football Confederation is an organisation of Football Associations in a particular world region or continent. They may enforce any rules into and all Football Associations under it must comply, and enforce them in their domestic competitions. They also run many of their own competitions.


The AFC is the governing body of Asia. The AFC is split up into 4 regions. There are only two countries with playable teams: Australia and Japan.

Member NationsEdit

ASEAN Football FederationEdit

East Asian Football Federation (EAFF)Edit

West Asian Football Federation (WAFF)Edit

Central and South Asian Football Federation (CSAFF)Edit

South Asian Football Federation (SAFF)Edit
Central Asian Football Federation (CAFF)Edit


CAF is the Confederation of African Football. It contains 5 regional federations, as well as 2 countries which are part of no federation. There are no playable teams in this confederation.

Member NationsEdit

Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA) - 1973Edit

West Africa Football Union (WAFU) - Union du Football de l'Ouest Afrique (UFOA)Edit

Union des Fédérations de Football d'Afrique Centrale (UNIFFAC) - 1978Edit

Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (COSAFA) - 1997Edit

Union of North Africa Football Federations (UNAF) - 2005Edit

Non-regional MembersEdit


CONCACAF is the Confederation Of Northern and Central American, and Caribbean Association Football. Only Mexico has playable teams.

Member NationsEdit

North American Football Union|North American Zone (NAFU)

Central American Zone (UNCAF)Edit

Caribbean Zone (CFU)Edit


COMNEBOL is the South American football confederation. It contains a total of 10 member nations of which three have playable teams: Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

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The OFC is the Oceania Football Association. None of them have playable teams.

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UEFA is the governing body of European Football Associations. It is is the largest of the six Confederations and the most reputable. It also runs the most reputable club competition: the European Champions Cup.

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UEFA has 53 members, the most of any confederation. The game runs a total of 27 with competitions.


UEFA run the following competitions: