The captaincy is when a player is given the role of leader on the pitch. A captain can be recognised by the captain's armband.

A captain is the team's leader on the pitch, he is appointed by the manager to carry out the managers instructions on the field. He should also organise the team and inspire them to win. Captains are often experienced, well liked and charismatic figures and must be determined


A good captain should have high leadership and consistency attributes. This means that they will be able to lead the team well on the pitch and will always play and lead to the best of their ability. It is also important the the player is often in the starting line up so that they regularly play games.

Vice CaptainEdit

Vice-captains are often appointed by a manager. A vice captain stands in for a captain when the captain is not playing. Like the captain, the vice captain should have high leadership and consistency attributes, as well as playing regularly.